Seoul Tofu House



Price Range : $11-30 ($$)

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    3.5 stars


Adress: 2550 Pleasant Hill Rd, Duluth, GA 30096

Phone: (770) 814-2299

Work Hours

Mon 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Tue 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Wed 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Thu 10:00 am-10:00 pm
Fri 10:00 am-11:00 pm
Sat 10:00 am-11:00 pm
Sun 10:00 am-10:00 pm

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  • Jada T.

    star star star star star_border 22 February 2021

    Food is amazing!!! My family and I come here all the time.

    Waitress service is not great because it's mainly quick interactions so they can move on. If you don't mind not having a conversation with your waitress then it's perfect.

    The restaurant is always clean and presentable, I've never had a problem with unsanitary utensils. The bathrooms are very clean as well.

    Overall a great spot to get Korean food!

  • Hannah C.

    star star star star star 12 February 2021


    my one qualm is that we came in at 10 and granted they do close at 11 but it felt very rushed like we paid before we finished eating lol but its ok the food was way too good to complain.
    and the side dishes ... bro... i never been handed a raw egg before that was brand new to me . almost ate it whole but then i was told it was for the tofu soup so yea i do recommend putting the egg in the soup lol
    also the fried fish was sooo good
    and finally the main dish the tofu soup was SO damn GOOD like it just felt right. i got it plain (no spicy) bc i wanted something light and honestly that hit the spot  if u like spicy then thats good too but even the plain is delicious so u are all set no matter what. go off . go eat here. i promise itll be aight

  • Annie Y.

    star star star star star_border 10 February 2021

    Can't believe I've been coming here for years, but never left them a review!

    First thing is first-service-the old ladies here are real sweet and tend to your needs.

    Side dishes are given and everyone gets a little grilled fish as a starter. The side dishes include pickled cucumbers, kimchi, kimchi radishes, fish cakes, bean sprouts.
    Tofu soup-comes out piping hot
    Mixed cold noodles - some places use "old" pepper flakes in cold noodles and it has a distinct smell, but this place doesn't -possible my favorite thing to order here

  • Diem L.

    star star star star star 4 February 2021

    I've been told that I'm very stingy with my reviews. I rarely give 5 . I only give it if I feel like they really deserve it and boy did this tofu house deliver. They were pretty busy but we were seated right away. Our waitress was so very nice. She took our orders and the food came out quick. She came by to check on us a couple of times but it wasn't annoying at all.
    We ordered the beef and seafood tofu soup and a large plate of Galbi-Gui. I think seafood soup in general is the same everywhere but their seafood soup was very flavorful, it's indescribable. And their galbi was not overly sweet like some places I've tried. It was the perfect balance. Their banchan were light and refreshing. Overall, I'm really impressed with them and I'm STUFFED!

  • Josh F.

    star star star star_border star_border 2 February 2021

    Came here with the family as part of our monthly hangout.

    Now there were some good things: the service & the rice, which had a nice texture from being cooked in a personal pot. Lovely.

    But the actual tofu soup? It as not that great. Not bad. But also not great.

    I ordered the seafood beef tofu soup in hot (hottest level it comes it). It was mild. If someone told me that the soup was actually mild level, I would have believed them.

    Now normally, I wouldn't care too much, but the soup was also bland. It just didn't taste great. The more I ate, the more disappointed I became.

    And then the banchans were equally disappointing. Also pretty bland.

    All in all, it felt like a tofu meal executed poorly. But the service was really nice. And my parents liked it. So I'm willing to try it again.

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